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Bra Sister Size : What You Need To Make Bra Shopping Easier

Has anyone ever mentioned sister sizes to you and you never understand what it means, when to use it or how to use it? Below are the answers to make your bra shopping a lot easier for you. So, what is sister sizing? Sister sizing basically refers to the same cup size but on a different size band. As a bra band size gets smaller, the same cup volume will have a bigger letter, and vice versa. For example, if you wanted to buy a 32D and it wasn’t available in the shop, you can also look for a 30DD...

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What Bra Size Am I? : 3 Steps To Test Out If You Are Wearing The Right Size

If you are wearing the following sizes then I suggest you read this and take in every word as you are most likely wearing the wrong size... 36D 36 DD 38D 38DD These are the most common sizes recognised by established lingerie companies i.e. Curvy Kate, Freya and also myself when doing fittings.  80% of women in the UK are currently wearing the wrong size bra How does wearing a well-fitting bra benefit you? Like me, for years I suffered from back pain, strained shoulders, marks from when my bra was too tight or rubbing which also irritated my skin....

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Pride In London : First Experience & Tips on What to Expect

Love is love Love wins Pride in London

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Pride in London, Carlos Calika & James Gourley


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What Anxiety Feels Like #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek

Anxiety to me is overthinking EVERYTHING you do and every step you take. Anxiety to me is losing the strength to get up everyday just to feel disappointment. Anxiety to me is pretending to be okay when deep inside you want to scream. Anxiety to me is feeling overwhelmed but trying to look put together on the outside. Anxiety to me is feeling like you are never good enough and work until you burnout. Anxiety to me is seeing the world move around and you are just a mere spec in it. Anxiety to me is crying on your own...

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Swimwear For Large Busts - Body Positive Companies

If you are big-busted, you will understand the struggle out here to find swimwear that actually fits you rather than you squeezing yourself to fit in a swimsuit… THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! Thank God the industry is starting to realise a real need for increased choice and for cup-sized swim wear instead of the one- size fits all malarkey.  Planning a holiday with the ladies at work got me in the mood to write about swimwear. Initially the idea was to do a blog post on top 10 swimwear companies for big busts but thought we should push the boat...

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