Our Weekend At Moda 2016

Saturday night, I drove to Birmingham and checked into Premier Inn holding in the nerves of attending the largest retailer exhibition not as a visitor but actually representing Mymilla. Gone are the days where I would secretly admire designers and business owners from afar but actually this time, I guess I was one of them and networking with them was not a want but a need. All night I was wondering what it would be, who I would talk to, which sections I would visit etc. I planned my whole day, dotting the i’s and the t’s along the way. To be honest, my thoughts were focused on me being prepared and knowing what to expect but boy was I surprised. It was more colourful, bigger and overall more exciting than what I thought it was going to be. Rather than me telling you, I’d rather show you the magic that was Moda Exhibition 2016.


A few brands showcased their new season stock in a Catwalk show. It was creative, entertaining and dramatic, all things fabulous.


A look around the room and I wasn’t surprised to see every other foot tapping to the music. (Brands featured: Hanro, Passionata, Rosy-Paris, May, Panache, Chantelle, Tallulah Love, Aubade Paris, Michelle Morren, Taylor and Rani, Antigel, Lis Charmel, Eberjey, Freya, Love Laura, Gottex, Yawn, British Boxers, Coemi, Vanilla, Clara Rossi, Nuit Secrete, DKNY, Hot Honi, Sloggi, Triumph, Huit, Maison Legaby, Forever, Unique).

The beginning of this show was absolutely brilliant. I am glad I managed to get a video to the start (video at the bottom of the page). The head pieces were both creative and rather bold which took away from it being just another lingerie show to almost being a short show. 


Moda definitely got 10 brownie points from me for the racial diversity. From what I saw, there were more inclusive of ethnic minorities than I expected which I hope in future continues to increase. This represents somewhat the turning point of the fashion and retail industry in general as more customers and consumers are demanding better representation of ethnic minorities, different body types and the LGBTQIA community across both menswear and women wear.

A theme that was sticking out to me as the AW16 were the use of floral prints but these were used in different ways from representing almost subtle pink and green colours to bold and daring reds and blacks for an edgy look. 

The only thing is on the Catwalk itself, there was a lack of representation for curvier ladies. The small sizes owned the stage and considering there were a few plus size brands at the show; I was surprised not to see this reviewed in the show. However, walking around the lingerie section within the centre, I was pleased to see many brands using different sized models, which I think gave an accurate representation of different body shapes out there. It should be noted that it was refreshing to see models in the flesh without being airbrushed and see some stretch marks on the runway which just goes to show that it is a natural feature across ALL body sizes. Something advertising needs to learn about and stop hiding!


Overall, it was such an amazing and eye-opening experience that was somewhat empowering. Mainly confident women who talked through their products and offered amazing advice dominated the lingerie section. Safe of say I can’t wait to book my ticket for later this year and I’d definitely say it is worth a visit.

Here are some videos to keep you entertained! And keep your eyes on our store as we have new season stock coming soon!





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