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Experience As A Lingerie Model

body positive lingerie shoot

Trying to think of how to write this piece in a way that sums up that shooting experience of Saturday in one but it’s really impossible because there is so much that happened on the day, it’s so hard to pick what to talk about so I might just ramble and hopefully the pictures make sense.

Mymilla just recently shot the new SS16 stock to add to our website with new and fabulous pieces from the brands to add a splash and dash of colour to the growing pile that is your lingerie collection. I was very proud of who was taking part in the shoot as we had three fashion bloggers (Hayley, Rosie and Lottie) as well as a plus size model (Tinar) and one of my close friends (Denise) who basically went through the struggle with me of not finding the lingerie we liked since we were 16. It was a room filled with people from different backgrounds and we all had stories to share as well as similarities that made us laugh from the time the shoot started until it finished.

body positive lingerie shoot

It was an amazing experience because I think it’s safe to say we all tried something new and we did it together which made it a special experience. I know I am a major fan of lingerie because I love how it fits when it is the correct size and I love how it can change the way your clothes fit or changes how you feel. However, modelling in lingerie was never my thing and culturally, I was brought up to be quite conservative so it was out of my comfort zone.

I thought maybe this is the time to try out something that I ask people to do when modelling for Mymilla so I know how it feels and let me tell you, modelling is not as easy as it looks. Firstly, taking of your clothes for the world to see was scary for me (I won’t lie, it really was). You somehow feel exposed all of a sudden and you start focusing on the elements you might feel self-conscious about which I am not used to.

Surprisingly, whilst most of us would think that elements such as stretch marks, cellulite or spots will be what our focus was on (I’ll put my hands up and say I thought that was going to be a common thing we were going to discuss), all of us apart from one, were ok posing in lingerie as long as we didn’t show our feet LOL!

 body positive lingerie shoot

Not a joke, dead serious…if you walked into the studio you would have seen all of us wearing our socks except for Hayley. My issue is not the fact that I don’t like my feet or anything because let’s face it… feet are feet. My issue with keeping my socks on is because I don’t like feet (they give me the creeps but I don’t know why).

Moving on, it was just nice to see how everyone reassured each other to make sure we were all felt comfortable and stayed positive. I recall a certain time when someone said they wished an element of their body was different and all of the models including myself all shouted ‘this is a body positive zone!’ I LOVED IT! Being in a room where no one talked about their insecurities in a negative and we all talked through it with laughter involved in a way to change how someone views themselves.

Can you imagine how different the world is if everywhere we went, conversations were like that?

Whilst shooting, there was so much laughter and everyone was pitching in how the poses and if someone didn’t feel comfortable they felt open enough to say and everyone would just readjust. It was an actual sense of sisterhood where people just look to bring out the best in each other. I somehow ended up getting kicked out of the pictures because I my inability to model as well as the others but I was more than happy to make everyone laugh in the background. 

body positive lingerie shoot

When it was time to do the product shooting which basically had to be limited down to two models due to the sample sizes, the other models sat and chatted away over a cup of tea and the conversations were funny and educational.

Another model and I were both from the same country so we were telling the others how we greet someone who’s older in our culture. You basically have to kneel down and greet them to show respect and in the process we found out that one of the blogger was South African.

An interesting topic we talking about was the use of the term ‘plus size’. Prior to the shoot I would say I tried to avoid using the term Plus Size because I just thought it was another way to segregate different body sizes which excluded others from fitting in. I was quite adamant that the introduction of Plus Size was basically another version of what the retail industry has been doing to people over a certain size meaning someone like me when I walked into a store like Yours, someone would quickly tell me I don’t belong because to most I don’t fit the ‘criteria’ of being plus size.

Whilst I voiced my opinion that I think someone like me or Denise (size 12) feel like we don’t belong to either groups because Topshop it’s hard to find a size as they tend to be too small and Yours specifically cater to bigger sizes. Denise and I are referred to as ‘inbetweeners’ which is a new term to me to describe that we are neither skinny nor plus size.

body positive lingerie shoot

However, I was quickly corrected and I was glad we spoke about it because it helped me understand a lot. I learnt that the reason why people like the introduction of plus size is both practical for those shopping and also a way to create a place where people ignored by retailers like Topshop belong. Simply by the knowing that the place sells plus size means it erases that daunting experience of walking into several stores and the embarrassment or reminder that you don’t belong when you can’t find your size. A feeling I know all too well when I was looking for bras and couldn’t find anything which actually stopped me from walking in stores switching to online shopping.

I didn’t realise that my own shopping habits were following the behaviours of what plus size stands for. That when you find a place that you know specially caters to you, you feel special, you know you will find something that you like, you feel included because you know you are not the only one who is past a certain size that you have been made to feel so bad about. This is what Plus Size did. It created a safe place for people that were otherwise made to feel like they have to change their bodies and slim down to belong.

Safe to say my opinion on it has changed and whilst I may not fit in clothes in Plus Size stores, I no longer look at it with a sour face just because I’m not included. I look at it with a sense of appreciation that it is a movement in the right direction to give everyone a place where they feel like they belong and are appreciated just the way they are.

 lingerie body positive shoot

After this experience, I can honestly say as a sisterhood we created something new, we learnt something new and we experienced something new. Everyone came out with a sense of pride for what they had done and the true evidence was when we started the shoot everyone took it turns to get changed in the toilet (which was not too nice looking) but after a while, we all just changed in front of each other and walking around in our lingerie. Completely different to when everyone had walked in looking nervous and unsure about what was about to happen.

Mymilla pictures are out and it was amazing to see how everyone reacted via social media with over 2000 views of our video and pictures plus it being shared on amazing body positive platforms.

Body positive lingerie shoot

A special thank you to the true sisters that showed up and showed out on the day that helped to get Mymilla seen and heard!

From left to right: Rosie, Denise, Hayley, Tinar and Lottie You gals are AMAZING!

(Make sure you click on their names and follow their blogs for everything fashion, beauty and body positivity!) 

body positive lingerie shoot

Keep your eyes fixed on our blog for the next few days, we will be releasing BTS videos and pictures as well as a new fitting guide video! Share and let us know what you think x

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