Bra Size Pictures : 3 Steps To Test Out If You Are Wearing The Right Size

What Bra Size Am I?

If you are wearing the following sizes then I suggest you read this and take in every word as you are most likely wearing the wrong size...

  • 36D
  • 36 DD
  • 38D
  • 38DD

These are the most common sizes recognised by established lingerie companies i.e. Curvy Kate, Freya and also myself when doing fittings. 

  • 80% of women in the UK are currently wearing the wrong size bra

How does wearing a well-fitting bra benefit you?

Like me, for years I suffered from back pain, strained shoulders, marks from when my bra was too tight or rubbing which also irritated my skin. Other symptoms which I didn't suffer from but other ladies have complained of are poor posture, migraines and double boob (where you have seperated your breast tissue and it created a small lump under your armpit). 

All this can be fixed by wearing the correct size, but how do you check yourself at home to make sure you are wearing the correct size? Three simple signs:

  • Your band
  • Your cup
  • Your strap

Firstly with your band:

Looking at the back of your bra - does the back of the bra lay straight across your back or does it create an upside down 'C' shape? If it is anything like the picture on the left, then your band needs adjusting. 

What Bra Size Am I?What Bra Size Am I?

Fun Fact: 

  • There is an 80/20 rule to the science of bra support; 80% of the support comes from the band and 20% from the straps.

Now your cup:

Ideally your cup should support all your breast tissue and have nothing hanging over. So firstly checking under the armpit, the end of your underwire should be sitting right on your bone and not sitting on soft tissue - but it also should not be digging.

Then looking at the other end of the underwire - it should sit confortably on your chest. If you have spillage like the first picture - it indicates the wrong cup size. 

What Bra Size Am I? What Bra Size Am I?

Lastly your strap:

Your straps shouldn't be slipping off your shoulder or require constant tugging and pulling. Do the two-finger test under the straps to ensure that they don’t cause any tension on your shoulders. They should also sit comfortably without the straps hanging off. 

Ensure that when you first try the straps, that they are tightened to the halfway point, this gives you a clearer idea of how to adjust it to your comfort.

What Bra Size Am I?

After testing this out and you believe you are wearing the wrong size - email us and we can help with getting the right fit for you. We can measure by eye and suggest some starter points for sizing you can try - HAPPY SHOPPING!

What Is My Bra Size?

Next time blog up will be all about sister sizing and band sizes - we are talking all about adjusting your bra size to make your bra shopping simple to understand and more enjoyable!

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