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Bras Cause Breast Cancer : 7 Myths About Lingerie


Myth 1: Bras can cause breast cancer

I saw an Instagram video of someone very popular online stating that it was a fact that bras cause breast cancer as they constrict lymph nodes around the breasts which traps toxins thus causing cancer. 

According to the American Cancer Society studies previously done failed to take into account known risk factors for breast cancer and other variables. 

“The way the lymphatics work is they go from the edge of the breasts to the nipple area, then out into the underarm. So it’s not being compressed or stopped by a bra because it’s happening away from where the underwire is.” 


Myth 2: Sleeping with a bra will keep them pert and perky

Halle Berry revealed in an interview that she'd been sleeping in a bra since age 16 to keep her boobs perky. However, Dr. Amber Guth (Breast Surgeon and Professir at NYU Medical Center) stated: 

“A lot of drooping and dropping happens mainly because of pregnancy, childbirth, and breast feeding.
Then there's this little thing you may have heard of called gravity. Guth explained that over time, perkiness fades as gravity pulls the ligaments in your breasts downward. “It's just a natural process”.
Myth 3: Wearing a bra will make your boobs sag
French researched published a study in 2013 suggesting that bras might cause breast to sag over time as the prevent supportive muscle tissue from forming. 
Our lady Guth stated that this is also another false statement. Our breasts don't actually contatin muscle, just skin, fat and ligaments.
"Wearing a bra or not wearing one doesn't change the fact that sagging is a physiological change that happens to your breasts over time".
Myth 4: All bras have fixed sizing from brand to brand

Much like a size 6 dress can yield varied interpretations across different clothing retailers, bra brands have different sizing.

"Unfortunately, there is no consistency at all...Each brand has their own 'fit model'. Plus, you can be a different size for several styles within the same brand." To ensure you don't walk out of the store with something that doesn't fit, get fitted on-site and try on several, and we mean several styles. 

Myth 5: Cups do most of the supporting

It's not the cups, it's not the underwire and it's not the straps that do most of the hard work in terms of lifting your breasts's your bra's band. The band provides 90% of the support and that's why you really want to find a band that hugs your body and stays in place when you move around.


Myth 6: You only need to wash your bra once a week

Lingerie experts have suggested that the dirt and oil in our skin can break down the elasticity of the bra. So it's best to wash them as often as possible. If your laundry day is as spiradic as mine, then it is better to have a few bras in rotation each week (saves water and most importantly keeps your bras in shape).


Myth 7: A good bra lasts a lifetime

Oh, how we wish this last one were true.  Most bra-fitting experts agree that bras have a relatively short shelf life, somewhere around 6 to 9 months.

But a lot of factors influence how long a bra can remain in tip-top shape: they should be hand-washed with the right soap, stored gently and given regular breaks. If you rotate two bras, they're going to wear out a lot faster than if you rotate several.

Guess it's time to go bra shopping...

Credit to: 

-Marie Claire


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