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Single on Valentine's Day? It's time for some self-love...

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Single on Valentines

Valentine’s has approached us and the advertising is so real you can practically taste the roses and the value ‘3 course meal you can make your partner’ from the TV. But what about us singles this Valentine’s Day?

If I’m honest, I’ve always been single on Valentine’s day and in previous years I was crippled with the thoughts of walking through the town centre and seeing everyone coupled up and me walking down the high street looking like I have a big sign over me that says ‘SINGLE ON VALENTINE’S DAY’ or a big L sign on my back.

Single on valentine's day

The older I get, the more I realise that it is just a day. Whilst it has good intentions in terms of pushing people to do something for a loved one that they might no necessarily do everyday, the advertising makes it seem like it’s just exclusive to couples. 

Now the thoughts I have are; what about my mum who is my best friend and partner is everything I do? Or my cousin who is literally by my side in every single business move I make or my friend who was willing to drive an hour down the motorway to me because I had a mini accident and he drove behind me the whole time until I came off the motorway so I won’t panic? I’ve spent all this time thinking about how I would treat my non-existent boyfriend on Valentine’s Day but what about the people that are here now… why can’t I treat them? Why can’t I treat myself in the process as well?

Single on valentine's day

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Valentine’s is about love right? So why can’t we spend it doing things that we wouldn’t normally take the time out to do for loved ones even if they are not our partners or ourselves even. Self- love is such an important thing for both your physical and mental health. Valentine’s can be about treating yourself just as much as it is about treating someone else. After all, what is the point of showing love to someone else when you don’t even love yourself?

Self-conceited maybe but I have always been told that you can’t give your all when you are not 100% and I stand by that statement. Call me out if I’m wrong but personally I don’t think I can give myself fully to someone if I don’t love myself. This for me is the reason why previous relationships haven’t worked. I looked so much for validation that I focused a lot of time on being perfect for that person instead of appreciating that we are both different people and that is not always a bad thing. I couldn’t even admit that to myself meaning in my relationship I was being someone I wasn’t so I was NEVER going to reach that goal of loving myself because I wasn’t being myself.

This was my theme for Valentine’s this year…self-love and appreciating anyone special in your life. I asked some of the ladies at work what they do to say ‘Self, I love you’ and they all firstly thought I was having issues but this was all cleared up when I explained why I was asking. What can you do to say ‘I LOVE ME?’

Single on valentine's day


How do you show love to yourself? 

Here are some of their suggestions for BOTH singles and those in relationships:

  • Take time out to run a hot bath and just chill out. This will give you warmth, silence, and brain space to relax and actually release those tense muscles. Nothing says ‘I love you body’ like a hot bath.

Single on valentine's day

  • Treating yourself to your favourite meal. Who says you can’t take yourself out for dinner and enjoy that lobster dinner to satisfy your tummy? If you find it too embarrassing to go by yourself, gather your single pals and make a night of it.
  • Find time to just reflect on the things you love about yourself. This re-trains your brain to start focusing on your good points than your perceived flaws. Write them down and put them in a jar, on a bad day… that jar will be a saviour!
  • Put your glad rags on and go somewhere you have always wanted to go but never found the time or motivation to go. (Mine is a floating restaurant but I somehow think I will get sea sick)
  • Eat chocolate and watch comedies (laugh until you cry, its good for the soul)

Single on valentine's day


  • Crack a bottle of wine (or schloer for non-alcoholics – Valentine’s on a Tuesday, be mindful of that hangover at work) with your best pals and just have a night in reminiscing on the crap you used to get up to, your dreams and bash those ex-partners of yours or praise them (whatever suits you)
  • Meditate or just find something that relaxes you i.e. some like to exercise and get those endorphins pumping happiness all over your body.
  • Get your favourite book and have a read… have a cry, laugh or feeling all hopeful about love. It’s your favourite book for a reason (use it)

Single on valentine's day

(Image: It's the happy page)

  • Do something you have always wanted to do (like I have always wanted to climb to the top of the O2 arena so that’s what I’m going to do).
  • Treat yourself to something nice. A new nail polish for me makes my heart pump twice and taking the time out to do my nails from filing to the last topcoat feels like I’m cleansing my soul.

Single on valentine's day

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 It all just starts with just saying to yourself ‘I deserve it’.

With the theme of treating yourself as well as a loved one, I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t facilitate my business to do the same! What we have planned for you this Valentine’s is way to treat yourself as well as a loved one.

Buy a bra and we will send you a code to give to a friend for them to treat themselves with different discounts to be won up to 50% off.

You also get a chance to nominate someone who holds a special place in your heart to WIN A FREE BRA by adding a customer note on your order on why you are choosing that person to get a special treat. We will choose one person out of our nominations and contact the winner to claim their treat!

This promotion is for the Valentine’s week from Monday 13th February 2017 to Friday 17th February 2017 at 6pm. Get nominating and treat yourself plus a special someone for free :)

single on valentines



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