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Swimwear For Large Busts - Body Positive Companies

If you are big-busted, you will understand the struggle out here to find swimwear that actually fits you rather than you squeezing yourself to fit in a swimsuit… THE STRUGGLE IS REAL! Thank God the industry is starting to realise a real need for increased choice and for cup-sized swim wear instead of the one- size fits all malarkey. Swimwear for large bust

Planning a holiday with the ladies at work got me in the mood to write about swimwear. Initially the idea was to do a blog post on top 10 swimwear companies for big busts but thought we should push the boat out and look for the top body positive swimwear companies out there catering to large busts. The search was actually harder than I thought which is sad in itself lol but the positive is that there are amazing companies that exist so we are moving in the right direction. We have a high number of readers from both the UK and US so we merged the two to come up with the top 5. Time for some summer time fun – it’ll get you holiday planning.

Meloncup Swimwear

 Swimwear for large bust Swimwear for large bust

 Just like us, Melon Cup is sponsored by the Prince’s Trust and I can't express how much I am dying to get a set from them! Also congrats to the owner Natalie McGann. The fact that she is topping the list against large companies just shows how special her company is.  Tops are around £45 and bottoms £25.

Swimsuits For All

Swimwear for large bust 

 I have a soft spot for this company because it inspired me a lot when I was still in the planning stages of Mymilla. Although some images seem retouched i.e. smoothing over skin, I appreciate their constant effort to include models of different sizes, age and race! Prices around $9.98

Curvy Kate

Swimwear for large bust One of our suppliers and we love the choice they are bringing to an under-catered audience. Finally cup-sized bikinis! So many funky colours and designs to choose from <3 I will say though that it would be nice to see them use women of colour on their website as much as they do in their social media accounts. Prices around £15 (sale time right now)

Swim Classy

Swimwear for large bust Errr their Instagram was enough for me to add them to the list. Not only is there no airbrushing in their images, they show their customers in all their glory showing different sizes, race and age! Prices starts from $30


Swimwear for large bust

So I never knew much about Target and to be honest I still don’t know too much about it but what I know is that they have a line for big-busted ladies. It was actually their body positive campaign for their swimsuit line that caught my attention. Prices around $14.99 

"American women are not the media-celebrated size 2's ... It's not just about not working with models or bloggers that look like models. It's about partnering with average sized women who are relatable and aspirational. Consumers are ready to see themselves in campaigns and thankfully Target understands that."

– Target (

 Thank you to the companies that are serving a new purpose whilst selling their products! Big brands… take note – we are coming for you.


 Know of any body positive swimwear lines you would like to include in this post? Comment below :)






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