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This week, the blog post is a bit short and sweet but I think it covers something that I think most of us see when celebrities address body shaming or their roles within life. I read a blog post on Jennifer Aniston (Friends = nostalgia, I KNOW) addressing the rumours that she was pregnant at 47. Looking at most of the articles it had titles like ‘PREGNANT FINALLY’ or ‘JENNIFER LIFE COMPLETE AS SHE CONFIRMS PREGANCY’ etc. etc. ( From her blog post, it sounds like she just had a burger and looked a bit bloated in the picture than...

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A recent article I read recently inspired me to write this post today. It is something that I overlooked for a long time until I read an article as I never realised how this was a form of body shaming but coming from insiders.  I saw a post recently that was talking about Jesy Nelson from Little Mix losing weight but she was still being labelled mostly in a negative light due to her being curvier than her fellow band mates. There was an undertone that insinuates that she's 'the ugly one'.   Left to right: Leigh-Anne, Perrie, Jesy and Jade...

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