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World Cancer Day
For those who may not know, today is world Cancer day! The day is used to get people to share their stories, raise awareness and donate to Cancer Research to enable them to do more research and hopefully one day find a cure. It’s a bitter sweet day for me as in 2009 I lost someone very close to me to blood cancer that we had no clue was taking over her body whilst she smiled like she had no worries in the world. I am also happy that they have a day like this because it helps to raise awareness to hopefully prevent future cases so we don’t lose any more people to this disease. 

 As a company that is all about boobs, it is an obligation to use our platform to educate our customers and followers to ensure that they are looking after their babies and checking them out regularly for signs of breast cancer.

Our customers will know that with every package we send out a card (provided by CoppaFeel), which serves as a reminder to regularly check the signs and the symptoms of breast cancer. For those that haven’t seen it, we thought we would share top 8 signs that alert you to get it checked out!


1. Nipple discharge
2. Lumps and thickening
World Cancer Day
3. Changes in skin texture e.g. puckering/dimpling
World Cancer Day
4. Nipple inversion and changes in direction
World Cancer Day
5. Swelling in your armpit or around the collarbone
World Cancer Day
6. Constant pain in your breast or armpit

World Cancer Day

7. Changes in the size or shape
World Cancer Day
8. Rash or crusting of or around the nipple
World Cancer Day
 Knowing your boobs could save your life!
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You can also do your part by donating money to Cancer Research so that we are closer to finding a cure. You can buy a unity band from your local Cancer Research store or by donating online via

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