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DD Cup Bras Never Got More Stylish

DD cup size and can't find a style you like in your size?

Problem solved!

Mymilla is on a mission to bring back the fun to DD cup bra shopping by increasing the range of styles, sizes and brands available to you or your loved ones. By solely focusing on providing D-K cup bras ranging from back sizes 28-42, we search the UK market for luxury brands that provide both comfort and style at an affordable price.

From your everyday bra to one for a special occasion, Mymilla stock award winning brands like Freya and Curvy Kate to suit your individual style.

From one female to another, say goodbye to the bras you bought just because it was available in your size and say hello to ones that ticks all your boxes!

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“For a long time I have had to either sacrifice my style of lingerie for whichever bra I could find in my size or money for an expensive set I liked. Sometimes I squeezed into bras that didn’t fit me just to wear a particular style until I learnt the amazing benefits of wearing a perfect fitting bra and the various brands out there that offer both style and comfort at a price I could afford.
My clothes fit better, I felt lighter because the support was finally there and my focus was not on how uncomfortable or in pain I was because of my HH cup size. I want women to feel the same way so I want to share my knowledge of the different brands out there that are affordable and stylish.”

 Founder of Mymilla, Nicole Kanjere


What Makes Us Different?

What sets Mymilla apart from other retailers is not only based the products we provide but how it is done. As a female owned company, we want to truly represent the different shapes and sizes out there and celebrate the skin we all come in. Leaving the narrow beauty standards behind, Mymilla has a no airbrushing policy meaning we show elements such as stretch marks, cellulite, scars or acne and just simply embrace each individual for who they are.

Our platform is designed to make you feel comfortable and inspired to love the skin you are in. We want to change the perceptions of the lingerie industry, to ensure advertising everywhere showcases a variety of beautiful shapes and sizes without negative labels and we do this just by simply being body positive.  We want to thank everyone who has joined our journey so far and welcome those that will join us in the near future.

Fun Shopping Experience

Just to make sure you make the most out of this experience, we have tailored our website to ensure you are fully educated and equipped with the expert knowledge as well as tools to understand more about each bra, how it fits and how to measure yourself so you can feel the great benefits of wearing a seamlessly fitting bra. If you require further expert advice, just fill out the contact form and we can arrange a call at a time that is convenient for you. From size guides, measuring tutorials to detailed product descriptions and advice from Nicole, we truly hope you enjoy your shopping experience with Mymilla. 
We would love to hear from you. If you have any questions or queries, service feedback or suggestions for brands you think we should stock, get in contact and we will be touch soon.