Best Fitting Bras Using Our Fitting Guide

Get the brest fitting bras by using our easy three step guide you can do at home and no tape measure required!

If you are struggling to find your size, you have come to the right place. By following our three simple steps to measuring yourself, we hope you feel supported, comfortable and happy to revamp your lingerie drawer and get rid of those ill-fitting bras.


    Cup Size Chart


    When wearing you bra, try starting off with the loosest hook. The more you wear it, it will get looser and this allows you to tighten the back bands as it stretches.


    The band should sit comfortably across your back and should be horizontal rather than creating an upside down ‘U’ shape across your   back.



    With the straps, do the two-finger test under the straps to ensure that they don’t cause any tension on your shoulders. They should also sit comfortably without the straps hanging off (common problem).




     Ensure that when you first try the straps, that they are tightened to the halfway point, this gives you a clearer idea of how to adjust it to your comfort.







    Now that your bra is on and adjusted to your liking, give your boobs a shake. This is to check that your bust is nicely sitting in the cup and you won’t have any spillage or extra material indicating that cup is too big.


     Before doing the shake, scoop your boob bring it forward from under your arms to the centre of your chest.



    Ensure that if your bra is underwired, the wires don’t dig under your breasts, your arm pits and on your breast bone. Ideally, the centre where the under wires meet should comfortably sit flat on your breast bone without digging. If it doesn’t and the centre is pushing out from the breastbone that is a red flag that the sizing is not quite right.



    • 80% of women in the UK are currently wearing the wrong size bra
    • There is an 80/20 rule to the science of bra support; 80% of the support comes from the band and 20% from the straps.
    • Different brands fit differently, so make sure you choose what is comfortable for you.
    • If the band feels to tight on you, try going up a back size but with that you have to drop down a cup size i.e. 34F-32E
    • Vice versa if the band is too big, go down a back size and up a cup size i.e. 34G-32H
    • If ordering online, make sure you try it on and if it doesn’t fit properly, use the hassle free returns process.


    If you are still having issues figuring out your size or have any bra-related queries, use our hassle free contact form and we will arrange a call back at a time that is convenient for you to speak to one of our expert bra whisperers to help you out.